Welcome to RRMDCDesigned and equippedInfrastructure

Welcome to RRMDC

To face the challenges of the changing world the Radha Raman Mishra Degree College continues to make innovations in its curriculum method of teaching and evaluation in pursuit of excellence.

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Designed and equipped

The chemistry lab is designed and equipped with ultra modern instruments for the students. It has advanced instruments like UV/VIS, Spectro - Photo Meter, Polarimeter, pH meter, Calorimeter, conductivity meter, Nephlo-Meter etc.

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Classroom set up can dramatically affect student's habits of learning and attitude towards studies. So we have tried to develop an environment and infrastructure highly conducive, organized, stimulating and comfortable for the students.

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Graduate Courses

The schemes of subjects of study leading to the undergraduate courses of B.A. with 800 seats and B.Sc. with 320 seats under the three year integrated degree pattern. There are in all eleven subjects offered in Arts, namely:

Hindi Literature, Sanskrit, Home Science, Geography, Economics, Sociology, Ancient History, Political Science, English Literature.


There are in all five subjects offered in Science, namely:

Physics, Zoology, Botany, Math, human Science

Post graduate Courses

The college conducts under post graduate courses in Arts streams with 420 seats. There are in all twelve subjects offered in Arts, namely:

Hindi Literature, Education, Sanskrit, Sociology, Ancient History, Political Science, English Literature,

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

Duration: 2 (Two) Year

Total Seat: 100

Basic Training Certificate

Duration: 1 (One) Year

Total Seat: 100